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Out of the Front Door

Post by Mr. Goodrich on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:27 pm

Hello, students! A large piece of summer is already behind us and we now set out to tackle one of my all-time favorites, East of Eden. At this point in my life, it may very well be my favorite. It is a novel about people, about human struggle, and about the search for freedom within oneself. It spans three generations of the Trask family and struggles to answer whether we can become good in spite of ourselves, in spite of our parents, in spite of everything. This is a book of suffering, struggle, and earth-shaking questions but it is also a book of joy, beauty, and hope. Samuel Hamilton is among my favorite characters in all of literature. As you read, pay attention to characters. That's what it's all about. Get to know them. Remember what they're like. Think about what the action and situations of the text reveal about them.

Here's how I plan to progress. Of course you're welcome to go at your own pace but I'll be posting prompts, questions, passages, etc. from time to time and I hope you all will be, too. Minimally I would like to post something to get your gears turning every week. Please check in and share your thoughts.

June 30th: 1-99 (chapters 1-9)
July 7th: 100-202 (chapters 10-17)
July 14th: 203-309 (chapters 18-24)
July 21st: 310-399 (chapters 25-32)
July 28th: 400-500 (chapters 33-44)
August 4th: 501-602 (chapters 45-55)

Feel free to post a passage into the proper board if one jumps out at you. Also, if something blows you away or puzzles you, share your thoughts. This is a book best read together so please share your thoughts as we go.

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